Virgis & Inga Snail Farm
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In spring 2008, in Žiežmariai municipality, Eigeniškių village, we have established businesses, different from the traditional economy, whose main interests are farming snails indoors and in outdoor aviaries. We create our own production technology, based on our domestic and foreign producers’ experiences. At present, we grow Helix aspersa maxima snails. We are also planning to grow Helix aspersa Muller snails in spring of 2011. Our farm is not very big, it covers 3.5 hectares, but we plant ecological cabbage and carrots for feeding the snails by ourselves. In addition to these small crawling molluscs, we plant very popular, big berries, full of vitamins - blueberries. We are happy to o ffer to Lithuanian and foreign buyers the highest quality of our organically grown fruits and snails.

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